English learn Kanban

Work with a teacher It is possible without it, but we want to learn faster. There are many sites, applications and channels dedicated to English. But only the teacher will be able at the right time to explain the difference between Present Perfect and Past Continuous, not let drop out at the first difficulty, correct pronunciation, track progress. If you want a result, do not choose between a teacher and useful sites. They can and should be combined. It is not so important whether you have a Russian or English-speaking teacher. The main thing is that the teacher should be a teacher, and not a biologist from London, a translator from St. Petersburg or a mechanic from Adelaide. Speaking a language and teaching it are two different things.

There is an important nuance: with a Russian-speaking teacher it is better to engage in beginners. And it's time to speak with a native speaker to those who have already achieved at least Upper Intermediate. Or you can find the Hong Kong teacher in "元朗補習"

At Skyeng, in a free introductory lesson, an experienced teacher and methodologist will determine your language level, help you set ambitious but realistic goals, and recommend which teacher to choose.